The Tarot Cards

The Tarot Cards are not just a tool, they are a beautiful divinatory system, an oracle of deep profound belief structures. Each card is so diversely powerful and reaches out to us in so many ways.

I have been reading the cards for over thirty years and have got to know the cards very deeply.

The cards are reflections of human life. Each card has a basic meaning, in that word is the whole journey of the card. They are an access point into another world, your subconscious world – which can reveal so much more truth than you may consciously be presenting to the world.

The cards are the Book of Life.

The Tarot Deck is split into two – The Major Arcana & The Minor Arcana. The Majors reveal information about you as a person and the Minor Cards reflect the people and events going on around you.

A Tarot Reading

When you pick cards out, none of us have a perfect organized life, at some point you have joy, then sorrow, the permutations of the pages in your own Book of Life is enormous.

Each card is a beautiful story. It becomes second nature, when I turn over a card it opens up a whole universe. The cards take you down a road to look within, to understand the situation. There is no blame just different levels of awareness.

Why is there symbolism in the cards? Every single secret religion or open religion when you get down to the core has secret symbolism, through those symbols we can enter the consciousness of the universe, you cannot do it with words. The tarot cards encompass all human life.

In your Tarot Reading You choose the cards and I connect with both you and the symbolism within them to relay to you your Past, Present & Future. Believe it or not this works really well over the telephone too. I simply ask you to say stop and I turn over the cards you have stopped at . Also because I have such a deep connection with the cards and have been reading professionally for many years, they and I almost become one. This may be hard for some to comprehend, but I have spent many, many hours in direct contact with the Tarot and my Psychic ability. This is my sole profession and for over 20 years I have spent all my working hours with them!

You need to be a master of your art, people in this generation get excited about being psychic or reading tarot cards, or healing, because it is exciting, but what they do, is a bit here a bit there and then they sit in front of someone and start telling them their life’s journey. This is one of the reasons I decided to teach the cards I wanted people to read for real, to spread the word. Be of real use to others, of real benefit.I know so many people who have learnt bits of things but all they really want is healing for themselves, missing the understanding of the cards.

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