Psychics are seers, oracles and remote viewers, who use different skills other than Mediumship. A true psychic will pick up information from the energy fields which surround your body. They will ‘see’ past memories and current issues which are affecting your life; in fact, everything about you will talk to them. They will sense who you really are inside.

The human body and psyche is a mass of moving energy, and looks to the Psychic like a web of light. Everything that has ever happened to you is recorded in it, and reading it can show future probabilities and pathways of opportunity. This is done in a non- judgmental way, but with care and honest compassion, and is based on the potential of the expressions of your life energy affecting your future consequence.

Every moment of every day you can change your own thoughts and actions, thus changing the possibilities of the out-come of the reading. So the psychic is very much a guide, rather than giving hard and fast predictions.

Psychics will see into the core issues of your life and offer balance and new direction with since help and guidance. Even though a person may be born with psychic gifts, those abilities need to be developed over years of spiritual discipline.

Rudi has developed his psychic abilities over 30 years, covering subjects from remote viewing to psychometry, scrying, crystal reading, dowsing, and healing.

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