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A Reading with a Psychic Medium

Mediumship is very different to being psychic; as a medium, you are directly linking to the spiritual essence of a person, (or animal) who once had a physical body. Mediums are usually psychic as well; but not all psychics are mediums. A medium’s purpose is to act as a intermediary to bring evidence of life after death by linking with a loved one in the Spirit world. Mediums are not talking to dead, forgotten people; they are talking to living spirit who once lived in human form, thay are still alive in spirit bodies who are continuing their journey, who live in the spiritual realms, in the NOW.

Mediums don’t have crystal balls to look into the future, or call up anybody who they want to talk to. Mediums open themselves up to be a channel through which departed loved ones can communicate messages to their friends and family who still live in their physical bodies. The spirit world exists in a dimension, which is as close to us as our own breath. It is worlds within worlds.

When you visit a medium, try to be as open minded as possible. It is natural to be hoping for contact with a particular person, but someone else may have been waiting for the opportunity to come through with an important message. It’s a two-way thing….our friends in spirit may be waiting for a chance communicate, just as much as you have. They give what you need, not what you think you want.

There are times when no contact is made, for all sorts of reasons, and no good medium will ‘stab in the dark’ or ask leading questions.

The medium knows when they have connected, and that connection will be clear; if the loved one you want to talk is there. The medium will bring them through, but sometimes it just may not be the person you were expecting! A good medium is a clear channel between the physical and spiritual dimensions, and works only in love and light. They are not there to promote themselves, but to do a job which has a higher purpose; namely to bring peace and understanding into an unhappy situation, by showing that life and love never ends. In a word, mediums KNOW that death is an illusion. The death of the physical body is but the start of a greater journey. Knowing this for yourself, and that your loved ones are only a thought away, can bring healing to a breaking heart.

Mediums can offer spiritual counselling about your soul journey linked with past lives. This is done by attuning to your soul spiritual energy or linking with your spirit guides.

I have been a Psychic Medium since I was a small boy. To do this day I consider it an absolute privilege and feel very honoured to be able to share such precious moments with people. If you wish to contact a departed loved one I will be pleased to connect with them for you.

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