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The professional Tarot reader is someone who knows the cards on such a deep profound level, the information they share will inspire you to find answers and honest direction. Through sincere help and guidance, The Tarot cards will help you find the freedom you are looking for, this is the magic and mystery of the Tarot.

The Tarot by themselves will give you a true insight into people’s lives and potential of their futures, reflecting their fears and needs of the heart. Isn’t everyone’s life linked to love, health, work, money and their future aspirations? So when people come for a reading they want clarity on these matters.
As a reader you have a responsibility, to help and inspire the person to find balance and a positive direction in life, at the same time to help them to find compassion and understanding firstly for themselves and secondly for the soul journey they have experienced so far. The Tarot gives you truth and understanding from the wisdom contained within the cards.

The purpose of the reader is not to give a great show of mentalism, deceptively prizing out information or setting people up to believe unfounded nonsense: or the reader filling their heads with fear about events that everyone will normally experience: telling people what will happen in five years from now, or coming across as someone who has mystical and magical powers with the wisdom of the great masters is charlatanism.

To proclaim they are some gypsy ‘Rose Lee born’ of a seventh daughter or son of a blood line given amazing psychic abilities, is just plain wrong. They should change career and be on the stage doing mentalism. Anyone using manipulative mentalism to read and make money, have never really mastered the cards themselves. They haven’t connected to the magical wisdom, insight and truth inlaid in the Tarot cards or any other divinatory system.

They are so much more than just a simple tool, they are a complete divinatory system, holding many deep and profound mysteries, the cards offer reflections of all human life.

A Tarot Deck is typically divided into 2 sections or Arcana, The Major Arcana and The Minor Arcana. The word Arcana is the plural of Arcanum which is the Latin word for card, translated it means secret or mystery. And each card truly does have very deep and profound mysteries buried within.

The Major Arcana is made up of 22 cards.

All of our emotions and personality types are recorded within the Major Arcana. They are directly linked to your personality.

The Minor Arcana reflects the people and events going on around you.

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