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Rudi Who’s Talking? The Search for Who I am.


Why Rudi

“ This man is truly genuine, intelligent, articulate, no nonsense insight and counselling… just pure, honest advice delivered as quickly as possible ”

Offering you honest and sincere help and guidance in all issues of your life whether about relationships, career or spiritual guidance. These are genuine one to one readings with Rudi not a premium line.

To find the answers and see what the future holds for you call today.

With over 25 years experience as a clairvoyant, his reputation has grown through recommendation and countless testimonials.

Rudi is available for private psychic readings as well as corporate entertainment or psychic evenings.

Inspirational words from the book

“Who’s Talking? The Search for Who I am”

This inspirational and life-changing book will take you on a journey along a twisting road of human experience to a place that you will know and recognise as a calling within yourself. It describes the transformation from mind centred belief into the awakening to love, healing and freedom through the honesty of your Spirit.

Along the way Rudi addresses many real life issues that affect everyone by looking at love and relationships and how they are affected by the unfinished business of childhood sadness. He explores fear based identity and shows how it ravages our lives leading to addictions, false beliefs and illness. You will meet the God of Judgement and see how he reinforces this suffering through greed, tradition and religion. This book turns the Law of Attraction upside down and shows you how to manifest the love and freedom that you are that will be with you for the rest of your life.

It is a journey into knowing your Eternal Spirit and the end of suffering and it will constantly challenge the belief of how you perceive your world leading you on a Soul journey into the truthful recognition of your Holy Spirit.

This book is simple and rough and at the same time complex and profound but by the end you will know the Love that you are and who is talking.

Rudi is a prolific speaker on the Eternal Spirit, sharing his understanding of the human condition which he has learnt from his own colourful life and many thousands of one to one intuitive Spiritual consultations.

He runs regular courses and workshops inspiring people to find out who they are. He shares his Soul journey through his unique personality that has made him an inspirational speaker in many venues including TV and radio. He has the gift to uplift and motivate people to live their life in love, peace and freedom.

Rudi has studied and practised many systems of Eastern and Western holistic and Spiritual wisdom. He has an ability to bring in and piece together new parts of the jigsaw of human experience helping us see the bigger picture, for we all need to place our own individual special shining pieces into God’s picture of Love.

You can buy Rudi’s book online now at Amazon also available as a Kindle Version.

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A Reading with a Psychic Medium

Mediumship is very different to being psychic; as a medium, you are directly linking to the spiritual essence of a person, (or animal) who once had a physical body.

Psychic Mediums

Bring evidence of life after death

Mediums are usually psychic as well; but not all psychics are mediums.

A medium’s purpose is to act as an intermediary to bring evidence of life after death by linking with a loved one in the Spirit world. Mediums are not talking to dead, forgotten people; they are talking to living spirit who once lived in human form, they are still alive in spirit bodies who are continuing their journey, who live in the spiritual realms, in the NOW.

Crystal balls

Mediums don’t have crystal balls to look into the future, or call up anybody who they want to talk to. Mediums open themselves up to be a channel through which departed loved ones can communicate messages to their friends and family who still live in their physical bodies. The spirit world exists in a dimension, which is as close to us as our own breath. It is worlds within worlds. 

Communicate Messages

The spirit world exists