What is your Spirit & where does it go when you Die?

My understanding of the spirit world is nothing like that which was taught to us as children in Sunday school. I see God as pure consciousness the Source of all creation, the life force that permeates all existence; we are that oneness having the opportunity to fully experience individuality, I see our unique spirits, upon the death of the physical body, going back into that source of life, the Oneness.

The Universal Consciousness remembers our experiences and every event that ever happens, because it IS all things. I feel we leave signatures of experience in the tapestry, or web, of the consciousness of the universe as individualised spirits in human form. We are all sparks of the Divine Will, Our spirits are needed for creation to unfold; everything has a purpose.We are like atoms that make up the blood cells in the life force of God, without which God could not be.

We are children of consciousness co-creating with God. Heaven is the bliss of being totally connected to the Oneness, which is eternal and Omni-present. We are God and God is us. We are awakened love. We are already the perfection we seek to find. Creation is formed from love. That love is without question. Love has no attachment. Its power is spiritual freedom, only giving of itself so that consciousness can form different aspects of itself.

We are spiritual beings having a human experience. We are the truth, living and feeling life. The only way you can ever connect absolutely to your spirit is to surrender to stillness to the nothing, in which is everything, this is beyond words and thought.

Spirit world is not separate from us; we are the spirit world. It is the silver thread of love that reaches and connects our individual spirits in eternity, through which our loved ones and other discarnate beings can communicate across the veil to us. The heaven or hell we experience in the spirit world is of our own creation, until we realize that we are eternal beings, with never ending possibilities to learn, experience, and grow in the Universal Conscious. The spirit is the ultimate expression of God and creation. That’s why spirit is eternal.

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